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Just when you thought that busying a domain name is simple as it sounds, you are definitely mistaking. In fact, it is one of the most crucial part when it comes to web development and online marketing. The first thing that you should understand is that internet marketing relies on good domain name and branding. 



  • For example, Colgate is a popular toothpaste brand. The company does no longer have to use the phrase or keywords like “toothpaste”. In reality, - Colgate is a last name but today, it is known as a toothpaste brand.
  • Now, if you are selling toothpaste these days are you going to use your last name as your domain or business name aren’t you? Of course not! Unless you use the word Toothpaste next to your last name. 


Search Engine Game

  • If you really want to stay in the game of search engine optimization, a good name would be a very important factor. Therefore, you should also consider high ranking keywords that can help you to optimize your website.
  • The competition of PageRank is skyrocketing, hence, you must determine the good domain names over the bad ones. It is highly suggested not to always go to the .com. If you really want to generate the right people to your website, then use your country’s extension name. Never go to the .net since people may see it as an unprofessional domain extension.

Domain Name Registration

  • Always register or purchase your domain name from big companies like or NameCheap. You may also want to consider the AMPK Activators to index your site, but never get your domain address from class B seller that might put your business into jeopardy. You can always use the Whois search so you can determine whether the name of the domain is already taken or not. 


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